Monday, June 2, 2014

Belle:Truly Beautiful

To entertain my great interests in, as a friend so astutely stated, "snobby British culture and mixed-race people", I attended the recently- released Belle, starring Gugu Mbatha-Raw as the real-life Dido Elizabeth Belle, a biracial English aristocrat who must navigate her way through the duel mazes of upper-class social parameters and late 18th-century racial relations, as being the daughter of a slave, she is relegated to near-second class status although she was to the manor born. Subsequently, I read the richly engaging book, which gave deeper details to the events and era covered in the film. I much enjoyed both because although I can't speak to being an aristocrat, I  greatly appreciate stories of those with a similar cultural background to my own and those who fight for moral justice for the human family. This powerful story brought me great pride and I'm grateful it was brought to the screen and its book form published.