Friday, June 30, 2017

Loving: 50 Years Later

As June 2017 comes to a close, let us take time to honor the momentous U.S. Supreme Court decision passed down 50 years ago this month and revel in the legacy of Loving vs. Virginia all these decades later. In the time that ensued since the victorious resolution of their case, the Loving family settled down to the peaceful life they'd sought, until Richard's untimely death in 1975, after which Mildred kept the flame of their historic romance burning until her final days. Their last surviving child, Peggy, lives her life just as quietly as did her parents, and this is a testament to the idea of a very low-key couple and family who were reluctant warriors, but who, with this quiet determination, paved the way for families across America to take for granted their existence and has brought forth a new generation of biracials that has proudly taken up the responsibility of continuing Richard and Mildred's hard-won fight by utilizing modern media to speak up about their experiences and lives in the biracial sphere. So 50 years on there's much to celebrate and here's to 50 and beyond!