Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Walking Dead: An Epic Love

Most of the time, I'm busy going about life, not thinking that much about being biracial or the existence of interracial families, but there are of course times when it comes to mind or this blog wouldn't exist. The most recent episode of the Walking Dead was one of those grand moments. Amidst the turmoil and chaos surrounding them, two people finally realized they were in love. It was a natural progression over the many years they'd known each other and it seemed destined that these well-matched souls should come together. Although Rick being white and Michonne black is not entirely insignificant, of equal consideration is the deep understanding, mutual respect and sense of comfort they've developed traveling down the road and through life with each other. Although their lives are filled with daily life-and-death struggles, it also encompasses the everyday, such as taking on the crucial responsibility of caring for Rick's children and sharing much-coveted spearmint toothpaste. Along with nervous first-kiss giggles and high (or low) fives, they're building something beautiful and authentic and, as they fight monsters of both the walker and human variety, it will fortify them for the days ahead and into a time where there will finally be a return to peace.