Saturday, February 21, 2009

How Rachel Getting Married Got It Right

I recently watched the lovely ensemble drama Rachel Getting Married and was quite pleased with its depiction of interracial marriage. Interestingly, Rachel Getting Married doesn't make its title subject the focus of the story, instead portraying the troubled mindset of Kim, a young woman freshly out of rehab, and the effect her presence has on her family. Kim has rejoined the family in time for her sister Rachel's wedding, and the movie shows with great realism how her loved ones are unwillingly absorbed into her life. The two interracial couplings, that of Kim's father and stepmother, and Kim's sister and her fiance, aren't mentioned, they just exist, and that is amongst the beautiful aspects of this film.


  1. Just watched this film too. Loved the depiction. The fact that they never mentioned it, or even really made any effort in trying to "prove" this was out of the ordinary was great. I also liked that they didn't try to "prove" any characters 'blackness','asianess','whiteness', or even 'poodleness' when it came to the dog. They made a film that presented a lovely depiction of idealistic societal comfort levels in the Barackian era.

    Having Fab Five Freddy speak at the rehearsal dinner didn't hurt either.

    I actually found out about your site in an IMDB post that I went to check out about the film after watching. Ignorance runs rampant on that thing.

    P.S. I am a also a mulatto living in the Suburbs of D.C. (Rosslyn) keep up the good work. Always thought we should have a mulatto nation and let everyone join. I have a secret handshake and everything...

  2. This sounds interesting. I will have to check out this film. Thanks for sharing it.

  3. I think I would like to own that movie. That is exactly what kind of world I want my girls to live in, one where you dating someone with a name not just a race. We are going to Missouri this summer and it is alittle scarry for me to have my children in a area where interracial marriage is not acceptable.