Monday, July 20, 2009

Regarding Michael Jackson

While this blog was on hiatus, we lost a giant of the entertainment industry. It is well understood that Michael Jackson was, to say the least, a deeply troubled man. In his eternal quest to cling to a childhood he felt deprived of, he made many questionable judgements and it remains a matter of fierce debate as to whether he took his behavior to depraved levels. His face seemed to became a tableu for his monumental insecurities, and he developed a dependency on painkillers, enabled by those around him who did not neccesarily have his best interests in mind. Conversely, he was a family man who had a close relationship with his mother, maintained close friendships with a small circle of confidantes, and raised three children who, as was made clear during his memorial service, loved him deeply. Of course it goes without saying, he was an artistic genius whose unique style was well-regarded by greats like Fred Astaire and James Brown, as well as recognized the world over. As we the public remember Michael Jackson, we must keep in mind both his incomparable talent and the complicated human being behind the magic. Farewell, Gloved One. Thanks for being a part of the rhythm of our lives.

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