Monday, November 30, 2009

Sammy Sosa Embraces the (Not-So) Dark Side

Hello, again, my lovely loyal readers. I'm back to rant, and not at all in a kinder, gentler fashion. As you may well know, Sammy Sosa, while intending to soften his skin, ended up bleaching his face to match Edward Cullen's (Cool, a chance to throw in Twilight!) Now, anyone who's ever stood in a beauty supply store knows this explanation is crap. We've all seen the tubes of cream with names like "Fair and White", and "Black & White" (I wish I were making that name up) whose label descriptions barely mask their intentions to turn one from Oprah to Alicia Keyes, and probably lighter. I am deeply offended and hurt by these actions on so many levels. Firstly, Sammy evidently thinks his audience is stupid, seeing as he used the lamest excuse possible to justify why he looks like the undead. Secondly, as a public figure, he IS a role model, whether he cares to be or not, and by doing this, he's saying that brown-skinned people aren't good enough, as they are, lastly, Sammy's actions, because of their colonial implications, will perpetuate the long-standing animosity that darker-complexioned people harbor towards those with lighter skin or a biracial background, because of the real and perceived advantages they enjoy in this society. Enjoy your artificial complexion, Sammy,thanks for the disappointment.

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