Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Tiger Woods: Zero for Par

Tiger Woods, Cablinasian golf hero, has been outed as a philandering husband. After his recent bizarre tree-hitting accident, rampant media speculation regarding his mysterious injuries forced him to admit that, yes, he cheated on his hot Swedish wife (ok, shallow I know, but Tiger, seriously??!) with some 20-something reality girl ( No judgement or anything). Anyhoo, rumor has it that Elin Nordegren, said hot Swedish wife (And mother of Tiger's so-cute children) got handy with a golf club, and inflicted aforementioned injuries. Anyhoo, after all this hoopla, Tiger still ain't talkin' and thus far has gotten away with a fine for reckless driving. Now that we've established that the Bill Cosby of sports is as flawed as any of the rest of us, we need to get back to matters of greater importance, what's Lindsay Lohan up to these days?

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