Saturday, February 27, 2010

Racial Division and Vanity Fair

While I was waiting at a local shopping center to meet a friend for dinner, I perused the bookstore, and there on the magazine rack, was a stark reminder that, despite the election of a black President and the increase in interracial relationships and marriages, in some corners time stands still. On the cover of the latest Vanity Fair was a group of up-and-coming young starlets, all white. Right next to this issue was Ebony featuring the acting phemon Gabby Sidibe, star of the acclaimed film "Precious". Although there are debates about the neccesity of separate ethnic publications, my main complaint regards the exclusion of a celebrated actress who at her greatest moment has been deemed not on par with the mainstream idea of talent and beauty. What a shame, I suppose it's their loss that even in this day and age, their vision is still so narrow. Hope remains eternal.

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  1. Hope and awareness - it's good to take notice, to speak up! Thanks :-)