Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Farewell Your Highness

Prince Rogers Nelson is gone. He was in the peace and solitude of his suburban Minneapolis home when, at the age of 57, he succumbed to what's been reported as a bout of the flu. When he wasn't relaxing at his home, which he called Paisley Park, he spent his days as a professional musician and songsmith, prolifically producing albums and traveling the world using his first name as his moniker while entertaining millions internationally, and what a legacy he brought unto the masses! Prince began his illustrious career at the age of 19, writing all the songs and playing all the instruments on his debut album. Utilizing this unique skill set, Mr Nelson sold 100 million albums earned 7 grammys, and a Golden Globe. In addition to peer accolades, Prince rightly endeared himself to hearts everywhere with his humility, his one-of-a kind fashion sense and in the words of the man himself his "foreplay or prayer" musical philosophy. His particular brand of spiritual soul, with his inviting vocals and stand-apart falsetto will be sorely missed. Prince spoke regularly regarding his belief in the afterlife, and now that he's joined the chorus of angels, it must be one jammin' and beautiful place! Farewell and Godspeed Mr Nelson, you have left us so much joy and the celebration will go on.

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