Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Sing Street: Young, Gifted and Black in Dublin

I love Ireland, everything Irish and being a child of the '80s. So it was with great excitement that I recently went to see a movie that satisfied these interests. Sing Street is set in 1985 Dublin and focuses on a teenager discovering his place in the world and finding first love in the process. In these pursuits, he forms a band with his schoolmates, one of whom is a kid named Ngig, who is black. Although aspects of Ngig's journey would likely diverge in one of the most geographically and culturally isolated places on Earth, where running into a person of color is rare, in other regards, there isn't much difference, as he goes about playing his keyboards in his friends' burgeoning band and traveling down the same emotional road, as has many a teenager throughout the history of modern humanity. Along with the nostalgic music, it made the heart and spirit of this biracial girl leap with joy to know that at least in this darling film,  there is goodness and harmony in this complicated world.

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