Saturday, February 16, 2013

Love, Laughter and Food for the Soul: The Gabe and Babe VLOG/Blog

While perusing Youtube recently, I came upon this wonderful VLOG put up by an interracial couple living in small-town Tennessee. Chad and Gabrielle, who go by the monikers Babe and Gabe(Gabe being the shortened version of the pronunciation of Gabrielle's name) have been delighting their viewers with stories of their courtship, August 2011 wedding, and their adventures together. Between the VLOG, gflowerso2 Youtube channel, which covers such subjects as walks to Walmart, moments with their families, delicious homemade and restaurant food and their adorable newborn son Chad Ryan, to Gabrielle's blog The Gabe Fix  which further chronicles their beautiful and rich life, their love for each other shines through and brings much joy to the Youtube and internet universes.

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