Saturday, March 9, 2013

Very Important Biracial: Slash

With a new year comes new beginnings and a new feature, Very Important Biracial, wherein I profile prominent mixed-raced people and what's going on their world. First up is Saul Hudson, known to the wide world as Slash. Born in England to a black mother and English father, he is best known for his role as guitarist for 90s hard rock band Guns N Roses, along with his exquisite halo of black curls and that infamous face-obscuring top hat. Upon parting ways with GNR, Slash utilized his immense skill in Velvet Revolver. Subsequent to his time in that group, he released two solo albums, has lent his hand to many independent projects such as movie and tv appearances and Guitar Hero and has raised two sons with his second wife Perla Ferrar.

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