Sunday, March 17, 2013

Very Important Biracial: Phil Lynott

While everyone else is guzzling green beer while adorned in plastic shamrock necklaces, I'm gonna do my part for Irish pride by discussing one of the most talented musicians of the 70s and 80s, the late very great Phil Lynott. Phil was born in West Bromwich, England in 1949 to Irish mother Philomena Lynott and Afro-Guyanese father Cecil Parris and was raised by Philomena in Birmingham and Manchester until he was sent to Dublin at age 4 to be raised by his grandparents. In the 60s  he led several bands, including the popular Grand Slam, culminating in the formation of Thin Lizzy with Grand Slam band mate Gary Moore. With Thin Lizzy, Phil utilized his soulful voice, great musicianship and songwriting abilities to craft stories that told of love and heartache, the joys of fatherhood, biracial heritage and pride in his Irish backround. Tragically, this gifted artist died in 1986 at the untimely age of 36 due to the effects of drug use, leaving behind his estranged wife and two daughters, and left those who were graced with his songs with eternal musical joy and beauty.

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